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Why You Will Love The eStarling TouchConnect digital frame

It is more than a digital frame

The eStarling TouchConnect is not just another Wi-Fi digital photo frame. It enables access to many possible sources of photos all over the Web. This is the best possible connected photo frame you could ever have.

Remote Photo Album Via Gmail

With the eStarling TouchConnect linked with a specific Gmail address of your choosing, family and friends can simply shoot a photo and email them. Be it your beloved iPhone™ Blackberry™ or even an Android™ smartphone, forwarding photos by email to the eStarling TouchConnect is another great way to quickly get photos to appear in front of the whole household.

Video Inbox

Do you have an iPhone 3GS™ or a new smartphone?
Don't you love to use it to shoot videos and capture every moment of your list?
Now, you can just email it to the eStarling TouchConnect and have your friends and family share the moment.
Blackberry™ Android™ Symbian™ smartphones, and of course Windows Mobile™ phones...many popular video formats and sizes up to 20 MB are supported.

digital frame
digital frame showing Gmail login screen

802.11n Networking

This is the world's first 802.11n connected digital frame.
The 802.11n standard has a more reliable connection
and has a much larger range.

Touchscreen Interface

With the touchscreen interface on the eStarling TouchConnect, you can easily set up Wi-Fi connectivity and security passwords without much hassle. You won't have to worry about another remote control that you cannot find when you need it.

Group of digital frame
digital frame showing network connection screen

Access To Password-Protected Photo Sharing Sites

If you have already uploaded tens of thousands of private photos to sites like Flickr™
facebook™ and Picasa™ you surely would like to see them on the eStarling TouchConnect.
We enable the frame to access photos on these photo-sharing sites.

RSS Photo Feed

A large number of photo sharing sites have enabled RSS so that photos can be "broadcasted". The eStarling TouchConnect supports a wide variety of RSS feeds, and yes, it is very easy to subscribe to a specific RSS photo feed. Find an RSS photo feed you like, send it to the registered Gmail™ address and your frame will start receiving photos through RSS.

digital frame showing RSS screen
TouchConnect showing Application Overlay


Yes, it is here.
You can see tweets from interesting people
and even update your status!

digital frame showing Twitter interface

Google Calendar™

With Google's free online calendar,
it's easy to keep track of life's important events all
in one place.

digital frame showing Google Calendar interface
digital frame digital frame
digital frame digital frame iphone4
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digital frame digital frame
digital frame iphone4 digital frame iphone4
eStarling TouchConnect Product Specs

- Touchscreen interface for easy navigation
- Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n (WEP64, WEP128, WPA1, WPA2) connectivity
- RJ45 wired connectivity
- 10.2" 16:9 800x480 digital LCD
- 2GB on-board flash memory
- SD media card support
- Over-the-air automatic firmware updates with application expansion
- Remote photo album via Gmail™
- Sync with social photo applications like Picasa™ Facebook™ and Flickr™
- Update your status and follow interesting people with the Twitter™ client
- Check the day's events with Google Calendar™
- Current weather conditions by zip code (USA) or WOEID
- Plays emailed videos of up to 20MB in size.
- RTC-powered automatic shutdown feature for reliability and saving energy
- External AC Adapter (Input AC100-240V 50/60Hz, Output: 12V 2A)
- Wall mount capability
- Sturdy 4" metal stand
- Weight: 2.4 lbs.
- Dimensions: ~ 7.6" H x 11.1" W x 1.4" D
digital frame iphone4 digital frame iphone4
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